Our expertise

We continually invest in the training of our technicians, R & D technology and the constantly improvement of our processes in order to offer an incomparable quality of service.

So 2EI attests to :

  • Trades competences : MIG TIG welders workers, laserists folders, turners, millers, electricians
  • Certification products and services :
    • ISO 9001 certification for industrial electricity (in progress for other areas of activity).
    • EcoExpert Schneider Electric certification, confirming 2EI’s expertise to prescribe and set up solutions for energy management as energy management boards and pilotage systems associated.
    • Certificate of qualification ZE Ready / EV Ready Schneider Electric, confirming 2EI’s expertise to set up electrical terminals for recharging electric cars.
    • Nomination as official partner of Schneider Electric Alliance program.
    • Approved distributor of generators 2Gareni.

Our engineering consulting firms :

For each activity, 2EI has a dedicated consulting firm of engineers and technicians which is able to offer you studies tailored to your needs. They use advanced business software : IGE, AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS (3D software for the design of parts metal sheets works and mechanical works).

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