Who are we?

2EI is a company expert in industrial electricity, industrial mechanics, metal work with a specialization in hydroelectricity.


Here is its background :

  • In 1988, the CEM Group - now the majority shareholder of the company - bought the company Bicheire (created in 1947), that it renames Estebe Electric.
  • In 2003, the Cetar Toulouse company integrates Estebe Electric, with the aim to diversify its business by adding the coiling at his expertise.
  • In 2009, CEM Group adopted a new strategy of development by opening up its capital to new shareholders and changing the trading names of Cetar and Estebe Electric in MRJ Services and 2E Ltd., respectively.
  • In 2011, eager to offer complete hydroelecric solutions, The Group redeems the Tarasconnaise Metallurgical Company (SMT), specializing in metallurgy and heavy-metal.
  • In 2013, the company AEB Technologies specialized in precision metalworking joined the 2E Ltd.

All companies - The 2E Ltd, SMT, MRJ services and AEB Technologies –each ones with its own specialty, merges under the name 2EI - "I" as Innovation, as industries. The new SMC, with more than 80 employees acquires at the same time a visual identity and communication tools to sustain its ambitious commercial strategy for developing its activity at the national and international levels in the field of hydropower and bring complete tailor-made solutions to the industrial area.

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