Industrial maintenance

Fields of application : hydroelectric power stations, industries and solar photovoltaic
Fields of application : hydroelectric power stations, industries and solar photovoltaic

2EI operates in all your electrical and electromechanical equipments, motors and reducers, pumps, servomotors, transformers, hydroelectric generators, alternators, etc.. As such, it guarantees you :

  • A corrective maintenance (reparation following a breakdown) : the repair of your electrical equipment is taken care from A to Z: disassembly on site, carriage in workshop, electrical repairs, mechanical repairs, assembly on site, laser alignment, balancing.
    In addition, we can set to the standards existing facilities (transformers, alternators ...) and we take care of the possible toxic wastes disposal in safe conditions.
  1. WINDING :
    Our maintenance service specialized in winding is able to care all types of winding (copper wire, copper bars, etc..). It operates on asynchronous motors, DC motors, brakes for electric motors, high and low voltage transformers, generators and alternators.
    It is also offers you the following services: conception of inductors, changing voltages, control of packets sheet metal by induction and mechanical conception of sheet metal on demand.
  • Preventive maintenance (analysis, controls, settings) :
    tracking and diagnosing your machines and electrical devices by using vibration analysis, network of analysis, thermograph analysis and insulation measurements.
  • A proactive maintenance (set up of improvement) : After analyzing your needs, our team offers you optimized solutions to improve your processes and reduce your energy consumption.
  • Finally, our after-sales service offers you a wide choice of new and used equipment that we install in your premises : asynchronous motors and DC, servo motors, gear motors, transformers, pumps, variable speed drives, electronic starters, generators and alternators, etc.
  • An emergency service 7 days a week and 24 hours a day for industrial equipment and power generation such as hydroelectric plants, thermal plants, and solar photovoltaic installations.

Some examples of maintenance tools

Camera thermique



This infrared camera is ideal for detect hidden problems, loss of energy, identify points and moisture leakage, assess damage, search electrical faults and local overheating, due to thermal detection.







Qualistar analyzes the power and quality of the electrical networks in a quick and efficient way.





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